Saturday, June 29, 2013
(1 week later than normal due to scheduling conflict = 3 weeks after the Dipsea)

2013 Race Results

There is a 4:15 hour time limit, starting with the scratch runners, with Cut-offs at 11:00 am at Old Mill Park turn-a-round, 12:15 pm at Cardiac, and 1:16 pm at the finish. Add your handicap to 4 hours 15 minutes to determine the actual maximum running time for you to reach the finish line.

This race was Walt Stack's personal favorite. It is a handicap race because Walt strongly supported women and older people to continue to participate in the sport of running. It is a very special way to honor our club founder and to remember him. The course starts in Stinson Beach, runs over the Dipsea course back to Mill Valley at which point you turnaround and return to Stinson Beach. It has about 4500 feet of climbing and can become very hot.

If you've never run a handicap race before you'll find that it gives you a whole new perspective. If you're a slower runner the handicap will give you a big head start. If you're normally one of the lead runners you'll have to work hard to catch everyone! We all tend to run in the same circle of friends at every race. This gives you a chance to meet new people and to say hello to a lot of people who normally are either in front of you or behind you.